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Single taken crushing

single taken crushing

With the smooth running Airblock you can count on a well-protected air-end with temperature monitoring. Save fuel and spare the direct drive due to lower rpm despite higher performance. Filter exchange is easy to carry out.

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Grain crusher QR In the case of the massive, hydraulically adjustable crusher the crushing performance and the crush quality are always the main priorities.

The large mm long crushing rollers with a diameter of mm and the proven belt drive enable top throughput with all fodder ingredients. Magnetic separator ID Despite the strong magnetic force the magnetic separator can easily be taken out and wiped clean.

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The mixer stands out due to its complete discharge, the calibratable weighing unit, the integrated jet filter, the mixture sampler next to the operator control box and the bunker impactor for cleaning the inner walls of the mixer. Hereby, single taken crushing can rely on our long-time experience with pneumatic discharge.

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In combination with the standard hopper knocker cleans the mixer wall and the draining stop, you can achieve impressively clean results. Blower arm with double joint NW The special hydraulic full stream technology allgemeiner anzeiger gotha bekanntschaften dust-reduced discharge of large amounts of material due to the 2 joints.

Optional discharge screw instead of blower arm For complete discharge of the mixer contents and for continual throughput crushing e.

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When carrying out continual throughput crushing the crushed grain is guided through a rotary feeder. Fluid addition for oils Suction system with tubes, regulator and intake lance as well as oil tank l to ca.

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Figures are displayed on the weighing computer MMX Control. Sound insulation hood in attractive design The complete internal coating of the aluminium hood with high quality sound insulation material enables on the one hand effective reduction of the operational noise and on the other hand easy access to the units due to the large cover.

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Comprehensive standard accessories It is a matter of course that all necessary parts such as hoses, suction tube, exchangeable filters etc. Your special standard equipment: Camera set for reversing Improve safety thanks to the practical camera set with digital display on the monitor in the cab.

Storage box for hose etc. Made of aluminium, at a low height with trays for suction lances and coupling pieces, weather protection roof over single taken crushing additional material hopper, tools in a toolbox as well as a fire extinguisher which are naturally all included.

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