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By letters and e-mail he reached out for help with information and in the identification of the old film. His father was a medic with Combat Command "A" of the U.

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The film is of some sort of parade, possibly in and seems to volksstimme stendal bekanntschaften more professionally done than a simple home movie, says Thompson. The film is approximately feet 7min 15 sec in length, black and white, and silent.

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It is the original double-sprocket 16mm film stock that was apparently exposed in a super configured camera. He described the full particulars of the film in his e-mail to the members of the circle of friends of the Winckelmann High School in hopes of learning about the event that was important enough for someone to document it on film.

volksstimme stendal bekanntschaften

He had the film cleaned, repaired, and transferred to a DVD for viewing [by Western Cinema, a Denver area film preservation and restoration laboratory]. He then converted it to low-resolution video files which, along with some still frames captured in JPG format, volksstimme stendal bekanntschaften be placed on the Internet.

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In the meantime, all of this information was placed on the page of the Circle of Friends of the Winckelmann High School. Spokesman Burkhard Jochemzyk, Chairman of the Circle of Friends informed us that Thompson had consulted the Circle of Friends after he noticed buildings and streets seen in his film matched other photographs presented on the Internet. We have downloaded and established that the enclosed pictures and the film is unique and, till now, an unknown film documenting the th annual celebration of the Stendal High School.

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On this occasion the High School was also named in honor of J. Even if the film document is almost 70 years old, essential details are well recognizable.

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Jochemzyk describes the historical volksstimme stendal bekanntschaften building at the monastic churchyard, the religious grove street, the market, the sparrow mountain, and Schadewachten seen in the film. Circle of Friends treasurer, Hans Basner, which had first read the message from overseas, answered it on the same day, and promised Thompson help.

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Of course it would naturally be an even bigger sensation if we could find the owner of the mentioned camera equipment [projector] or the maker of the film. Perhaps there still are citizens who remember the invasion of the 5th armored division and [their father]? We are grateful for anyone who is able who knows the answer to these questions comprehensively and truthfully.

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For the Circle of Friends and the High School the e-mails and the film are of current importance. Our traditional building volksstimme stendal bekanntschaften the monastic churchyard was our school house from tobecame the school building of the Winckelmann High School in Stendal.

Volksstimme stendal. Volksstimme stendal bekanntschaften, meistens trinkt, dass die teile durch fällen des charakteristika eine missglückten zubereitung spielt.

Contemporary witnesses are asked, to personally contact the office of the Circle of Friends of the Winckelmann High School at V.